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Call for Proposals


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The proposal submission process IS NOW CLOSED!   We will send out a call for proposals late 2017 (for the 2018 conference).
Notification of acceptance/non-acceptance of proposals will be provided by 2 weeks prior to the conference start date.
Please email any questions that you may have to t2t-uncc@uncc.edu.

The College of Education and the Urban Educators for Change cordially invites education professionals to submit proposals for the Teacher to Teacher Conference, at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Center City Building.  We will invite proposals with a focus on:  

  • Engaging your hard-to-reach students;
  • Differentiating for a variety of populations;
  • How to be an effective Teacher-Leader;
  • Maintaining  a high level of time on task;
  • Becoming a cooperating teacher for UNC Charlotte;
  • Culturally responsive classrooms; and,
  • Effective Digital Learning Strategies.

Proposals are required to have a primary focus on one of these general strands.  Selection of proposals will be made on the relevance to these strands.  Additionally, it is important that all presentations are interactive and engaging for participants.  Presentations that are solely "sit and get" are discouraged.  Each conference session lasts 50 minutes. 

PLEASE NOTE:  All conference presenters MUST register for the conference.  Presenters who are not serving as current cooperating teachers must pay conference fees. 

All presenters will have access to a presentation station, which includs a presentation screen and a computer with Internet access.  Copies are NOT provided; however, electronic versions of presentations/presenter materials will be made available to conference participants.

Please provide the requested information below with consideration of requirements in parentheses: