Keynote Speaker - March 8, 2016

We were pleased to have Kay McSpadden as our Spring 2016 Keynote Speaker!


Kay McSpadden has been teaching for 30 years, and still loves going to work every day--usually! Since 1981 she has been at a high-poverty high school in rural South Carolina teaching students of all ability levels, from inclusion special education students to Advanced Placement seniors.  Kay has written two books that are available on Amazon.  Her critically acclaimed book, Notes from a Classroom, is a collection of essays about her students.  Originally published in the Charlotte Observer and delivered as radio addresses for Charlotte's NPR affiliate, the 72 essays collected in Notes from a Classroom offer a wealth of wisdom for teachers, parents and anyone who works with teens.  She shares what she's learned in 30 years of trial (and error!) in the classroom; including how to turn teen diffidence, bravado, and apathy into a lifelong passion for learning.  We are excited to have Kay share her wisdom and experience with us and look forward to her keynote address!

-as of Mar 8, 2016