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Spring 2019 
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Session Materials
KEYNOTE Freebird McKinney  "We are ALL Change-Makers: Living the Life of a Village Teacher"  
I Loving Literacy! Using Culturally Responsive Teaching to Engage Readers (K-12)  
  #Move&GrooveIntoLearning (K-12) Presentation
  Leveraging Value-Added Assessment Data to Craft Instructional Design  (6-12) Presentation
  The REAL Active Engagement of Language Arts (Upper Elementary) Presentation
  Digital Learning: Engaging and Effective Classroom Tools (K-12)
(Repeated in Session V)
  Differentiating Differences (9-12) Presentation
II Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices with American Indian Students (K-12)  
  Operation Engagement (K-12)
(Repeated in Session V)
  Nearpod:  Transforming Classrooms Around The Globe  (6-8)  
  Examining Critical Issues for LGBTQ Students and Solutions For Equity (K-12)  
  Instructional Coaching: Tips for Success Presentation
  No Kids Allowed: Interactive Notebooks for High School Students (9-12) Presentation
III Small Group Reading for Beginners: Making the Most of Your Time (Upper Elementary) Presentation
  STAR Power:  Shining Light on Teacher Leaders (K-12) Presentation
  Differentation Made Simple (K-12)
(Repeated in Session IV)
  Using Fun Foldables to Facilitate Learning  (K-12)  
  Creating a Successful Digital Learning Classroom. (K-12)
(Repeated in Session IV)
  Culturally Sustaining Teaching: The Best Way to Teach Diverse Learners (K-12)  
IV A Shift in Perspective: The Reggio Emilia Approach (Early Elementary)  
  Welcome to the Flipside! Alternative Assessments for All Students (6-12)  
  Differentation Made Simple (K-12)
(Repeated in Session III)
  Technology for All? Availability of  Technology for ELL's at Home (K-12) Presentation
  Creating a Successful Digital Learning Classroom. (K-12)
(Repeated in Session III)
  English Learners & Student Teachers: Supporting Both in Your Classroom (K-5)  
V To Grade or Not to Grade? (K-12)  
  Putting STEM in Literacy (K-12) Presentation
  Operation Engagement (K-12)
(Repeated in Session II)
  Strategies for a Rigorous Culturally Responsive Classroom  (6-12)  
  Digital Learning: Engaging and Effective Classroom Tools (K-12)
(Repeated in Session I)
  Engaging Children of Color in STEM Classrooms (K-12)  






















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Spring 2018 Materials 


Spring 2018 Schedule 
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Session Materials
K Keynote speaker: Joanna Schimizzi Presentation
I Guest Speaker: James Ford  
II Incorporating Reading Strategies in Math Class (6-8)  
  Blended Learning – Digital Tools to Teach Critical Thinking, Literacy and Argument (6-12)  
  The REAL Active Engagement of Language Arts (Upper Elementary)  
  Engaging Diverse Learners Through Project-Based Learning (6-8) Presentation
  Differentiation in Mathematics Through Legos (9-12) Activity
  Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Transformative Practices for EveryTeacher (K-12)  
  Mental Inertia:Tasking at a Constant Velocity (Upper Elementary) PPT
  How to Become a Clinical Educator  
III Who Really are the Latino Students? (K-12)  
  HyperDocs: Making Teachers' Lives Easier (6-12) HandoutPPT
  Eliminate Repeated Warnings and Multiple Discipline Challenges (K-12) PPT
  Reaching Students by Intertwining Movement and High Time on Task (K-5)  
  Project Based Learning through Canvas (9-12) Presentation
  Teacher Leadership: Impact through Change (6-12)  
  Clinical Educator Training  
  Engaging Hard to Reach African American Males in Reading (K-5) Activity
IV Strategies for Differentiated Instruction (K-12)  
  The Great Debate (K-12) HandoutPPT
  Effectively Engaging Learners in a Digital Age (Early Elementary)  
  ‘Do you know me?’  Relationship Building to Increase Engagement. (K-12)  
  Writing about Reading. (K-5) PPT
  Starting FAST: Engaging Learners from the First Day of School (6-12) Presentation
  Differentiating Instruction to Make Honors Students More College-Ready (9-12)  
  Penpal Project (K-12)  


















April 3, 2017 - Conference Materials:  

The Teacher-to-Teacher 2017 Program is now available for download!

We also have a Schedule at a Glance, which will be given to participants upon check-in.

Session Name

Session Materials
K Be Good Be Fearless - Keynote Bobby Cavnar PPT
I Bartering Learning: A Method of Maximizing Student Engagement 1st PDF2nd PDF
  Advisory: Creating and Implementing an Effective/Engaging Program PPT
  "Centered" on Science No Materials
  Filling in the Gap: Methods to Enhance Time in the (Art) Classroom No materials 
  Engaging Hard to Reach Students Early in the Academic Pipeline PDF
  Classroom Management-Alternatives to Suspension No Materials
  Cooperating/Mentor Teachers: Characteristics, Training, & Ultimate Success PPT
  Best Practices for Creating an Inclusive Environment for LGBT+ Students PPTPDF
II Leading in the 21st Century: Building a Culture of Digital Citizenship PPT
  Utilizing Music and Visual Arts to Envision and Write Poetry PPT
  The Dead Has Risen: Classrooms Revived From Student Engagement! PPT
  Developing Empathy for LGBTQ+ Students and Their Heroes PDF
  The Flexible Genius: Engaging the Whole Child PPTPDFWord
  Using Purposeful Arts Integration to Increase Student Engagement PDF
   Engaging students in Science No Materials
III “When Reading H.A.P.P.E.N.S. You Can Comprehend” No Materials
  Igniting Creativity No Materials
  History Through the Lens of Hip-Hop No Materials
  Bringing Benjamin Franklin into the 21st Century Classroom PPT
  The Power of Anchor Charts to Transform Reading Instruction PPT
  The Technological Teacher: Redefining Your Instruction PDF
   Global Integration in an Elementary Classroom PDFWord
IV Using Technology to Increase Time on Task Link
  Trauma: Manifesting as Defiance & Disrespect in Schools Link
  Introduction to Personalized Learning PDFPDF (handouts)
  From Pages to Prototypes: Frankenstein and Design Thinking PPT
   Lighting up Learning with Arts Integration  PPT
  Excitement for Learning! Link1Link2Link3
  Giving Everyone a Voice PDF